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Monday, 9 May 2016

angry Ranbir Kapoor walks off with photojournalist’s cell at evening for clicking photos

by means of: specific net Desk | Mumbai | up to date: may also 9, 2016 10:44 am Ranbir Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor angry, Ranbir Kapoor photographer An enraged Ranbir stopped his motor vehicle, bought out, walked straight to the lensman and demanded he hand over his cellphone. confronted without a other alternative, the photographer complied and Ranbir walked off with the mobile phone. (supply: Varinder Chawla)

Ranbir Kapoor seems to be following his ex lady friend Katrina Kaif's footsteps mainly when it comes to venting ire on photojournalists for doing their job. On Saturday (may 7) evening, freelance photographer Varinder Chawla's group tried clicking the Tamasha actor's pictures whereas he was in his motor vehicle in Bandra. An enraged Ranbir stopped his car, got out, walked straight to the lensman and demanded he hand over his cellular telephone. faced with no other option, the photographer complied and Ranbir walked off with the cellphone.

The photographer then rang up his business enterprise (freelance photographer Varinder Chawla) and suggested him in regards to the incident. His organisation immediately called on the photographer's cell which was in Ranbir's possession. whereas the initial calls when unanswered, the cellphone turned into switched off soon after. The company then dialled Ranbir's quantity, but to no avail. He then dropped a text on the actor's number.  At around 1.30 am, Ranbir referred to as back and spoke at size about how he hates being adopted.

The organization (Varinder Chawla) tried explaining to Ranbir that the photojournalist turned into simply doing his job and if now not him a person else would basically have clicked the pictures. Ranbir, although, refused and remarked that if this continues he would believe filing a criticism with the police.

ultimately the actor changed into promised that he gained't be adopted and clicked anymore. He additionally asked the organization to dispatch the photojournalist to his residence via four am to bring together his telephone.

apparently, many of the photographers come to be being on the routes of actors after being tipped off about their schedule by using their personal publicist or some body of workers member. currently, Katrina had lashed out at photojournalists for clicking her whereas she changed into on a condominium hunt.

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