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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Pasco police publish photos of stolen automobile keys on fb in hopes of discovering homeowners

PASCO, WA- a captivating discover through Pasco police is catching the consideration of some individuals nonetheless looking for answers related to their stolen cars. Officers found dozens of used car keys throughout a search warrant that begun as a drug investigation.

Sergeant Brad Gregory with Pasco police advised NBC presently they bought a search warrant for a home on the 800 Block of West Henry highway after someone nearby complained about a doubtlessly large volume of medicine and a desired grownup. Officers found some meth,  however found much more stolen car keys than anything else. 30 to forty keys with yellow broking tags nonetheless connected had been found interior a bag normal for medication.

Sergeant Gregory said he has certainly not viewed this many keys in one spot, however says finding stolen stuff with medicine isn't bizarre, "medicine and stolen property go collectively. people which are stealing things are stealing so we can get funds or get medication. That is simply very typical."

Officers posted photos of the keys on facebook, hoping somebody will admire them. the person sitting in the back of bars in all of this, become arrested on old warrants despite the fact police tell us he has been involved in having stolen vehicles during the past.

He cannot be charged yet with anything new during this case, except police can match the stolen keys to said stolen automobile house owners.

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